• Lisa Jayne Timpson

Under the Ginfluence whilst self isolating

Well, its been a strange couple of weeks as I am sure you would agree. Wondering how to motivate yourself and how to get Into a new routine. What time to shower? Do I need to get dressed? Is it wrong not to put a bra on? And more importantly am I safe and how to keep well. The questions are endless 'Let the ginfluence begin',

Quite frankly I find myself staring in to the fridge for answers, I haven't found any just gained a few pounds. Right Alan, I shouted from the kitchen, no carbs for us love we are going carb free while this isolation is going on. 1 hour later I find myself whipping up a loaf or 3 in the kitchen, saying oh well that's killed an hour or so we will start on Monday, Monday never comes. In a crisis I think you need to do what makes you happy within your own home of course! We are restricted on so much at the moment, so depriving yourself just adds to the pain. #dowhatmakesyouhappy #grateful #stayhome

If you have got kids at home then I really feel for you it must be very difficult I Salute you!

When the little ankle biters have gone to bed then pour yourself a large glass of something and cheers yourself to another day. Cheers! #patience #gin #familytime

What is your tipple?

If you like gin then here is my recommended list.

Top 5 Gins

5 Different Gins that I have been under the ‘Ginfluence’ over this week

I have tried them all and would highly recommend that you try one of them.

Get your taste buds tantalised!

Biggar Plum Gin - Serve with cloudy Apple juice and a slice of plum

Wicked Wolf Full Moon - Serve with Orange and Premium Fever Tree

Gutsy Monkey winter gin - Serve with Red Pepper and Sage Leaves and Premium Fever Tree

St. George Terrior Gin -Serve with a Sprig of Rosemary and Premium Tonic

Jinju Gin - A slice of Apple and Premium Fever Tree

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