This Gift Set contains a 70cl bottle of Trevethan Dry Gin and 2 branded Trevethan Glasses for the perfect serve.


Trevethan Gin has been created using Norman Trevethan's family recipe which dates back to 1929. Back in those days, it was usual for all manner of tipples to be hand made in small rural communinities. This meant that each batch was unique with its own individual character.


The recipe was revived by Norman's grandson, Robert Cuffe in 2015. The gin contains many botanicals sourced from around the world; Juniper, Coriander, Cassia and Angelica along with some less familiar botanicals like cardamom, orange peel, lemon peel and vanilla. Cornish elderflower and Gorse Flower from hedgerows around the family home, Trewonnard Farm in Treneglos, are also foraged and added. Once distilled, the gin is cut with springwater from their farm to 43% ABV.


To find out more about Norman Trevethan and how his experiences during the Roaring Twenties influenced his homemade gin, please read our blog 'Trevethan Gin - New Cornish Gin But Only Just!'


Trevethan is first and foremost a big hit of juniper both on the nose and the palate but underneath the initial juniper burst you get liquorice from the angelica and spicy cinnamon. Citrus notes from the lemon, orange and elderflower round this off followed by a final spicy kick from the cardamom. The mouth feel is smooth and slightly oily thanks to the gorse and vanilla elements. This is a big, bold gin that is steeped in fascinating history - certainly one not to miss!


Trevethan Gift Set

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