Cornish Creatives: Nick Radford & Tomorrow Is


Tomorrow is another day. Tomorrow is a brighter future. Tomorrow is hope. Tomorrow is our new beer and the first in line for our Cornish Creatives series. Cornish creatives is a new label series that we will be running for the foreseeable future - you can read more about that and how to get involved over here.


First off the line is a new 5.2% Pale Ale hopped with Cashmere and Loral. 

We’ve taken one of our base pale recipes and hopped it up with something a little different. We’ve used and enjoyed Loral hops before, but the current batches we’re getting through are smelling especially great - so we were keen to start to showcase the variety.  Look out for a single hop loral pale in the coming weeks. For this beer however we paired it with a variety that we rarely use, namely, Cashmere. It’s a straight 50/50 split between the two, and by all accounts, it has resulted in a floral and citrus focussed beer that serves up a refreshing departure from the commonly used varieties.


The artist for this particular label is the one and only Nick Radford. Nick’s been a friend of Verdant’s for well over a decade, or two, and an artist admired massively by us all. Not only for his visual art, but also his musical abilities. Nick’s been a member in a selection of amazing soul jazz fusions such as The Ambassadors of Sorrow and The Mighty Spectres alongside his solo outings as Frootful. We simply sent Nick the beer name and he instantly understood where we were coming from - in these current times it made perfect sense.

Verdant Tomorrow Is

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